• Assalaamu alaykum! My name's Ameera - the cake-o-holic who writes this blog.

    I love baking when I have some time off to myself. For me, it's a creative art... with lots of room to experiment. I also find it to be a simple but great way to express your love for someone... a cousin, an aunt, a friend... take along a nice Apple cake or Banana muffins and they'll appreciate all the care that you put into making it for them.

    I also like sharing my recipes or anything helpful I've learned along the way so here's a collection up for you. Have a look around, try what catches your eye and let me know how it went! :) Meanwhile, I'll try to keep updating this place with whatever new I try, Insha'Allah.

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Fresh Cream ‘n Pineapple Cake

Few cakes are as simple and delightful as my mother’s Fresh Cream ‘n Pineapple Cake! I remember she used to make them for parties when we were kids. Recently, I got the chance to try the recipe myself, under her guidance and discovered how wonderful it really is, Masha’Allah. 🙂 And the reviews on this … Continue reading

My Take on Carrot Cake!

This morning was a special one for us. My father’s cousin and her teenage daughter flew over from abroad to stay with us for a fortnight. My parents brought them home from the airport around breakfast time and after all the initial chit chat, chatter and catching up, plus a light breakfast, everyone went off … Continue reading

Chocolate Mousse Icing

This is the icing I usually use, with slight variations, to spread on chocolate cakes. While dark chocolate or milk chocolate give awesome results, it is possible to make this kind of icing with a radical approach involving cocoa powder… the recipe for that one will be up later, Insha’Allah. For now, try this one, you’ll love … Continue reading

Secrets Revealed: Supermoist Chocolate Cake

This cake really doesn’t have a name… and it doesn’t need one. It’s one of those cakes you take a spoonful of and then come up with your own descriptions for it! 🙂 “Fudgylicious!” “Chocolate heaven!” “Oooooooh… chocolate madness!” Well, you get the idea anyway. The Secret Cake Recipe: So here’s my super secret (hehe) … Continue reading